Exclusive: Walnut Company announces strategic plan for second and third quarters

As the market picks up, market artificial intelligence, computing power, servers and other sectors are hot spots in the market and are also new directions in global technology. More and more investors also feel that if transactions can achieve fully automated AI trading, then for those who have no time to read the market, no time to research, and difficulty in grasping good buying and selling opportunities, using the power of artificial intelligence and programming, This demand is getting stronger!


As a leading quantitative trading company, Walnut is committed to providing investors with more comprehensive and efficient financial services through innovative technology and in-depth industry insights. In the second and third quarters, Walnut Company will focus on promoting the following aspects of work:

  • AI technology research and development: Increase investment in the research of advanced AI technology, continuously optimize algorithms and models, and improve the intelligence level of the trading system.
  • Trading strategy optimization: Combined with the latest AI technology achievements, existing trading strategies are comprehensively optimized and updated to cope with the changing market environment.
  • Risk management and control: Strengthen the monitoring and control of transaction risks, improve the safety and soundness of funds, and ensure the maximum interests of investors.
  • Intelligent trading system: Create an intelligent quantitative trading system to realize automated transaction decision-making and execution, and improve transaction efficiency and execution speed.
  • Real-time optimization of AI models: Use real-time data and monitoring technology to optimize and adjust AI models in real time to ensure the timeliness and flexibility of trading strategies.
  • Further upgrade of the quantitative trading platform: Continuously improve the functions and performance of the quantitative trading platform, improve user experience and trading effects, and become the preferred platform for investors.

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Cutting edge applications of AI technology

As a company focusing on financial technology and artificial intelligence, Walnut has been committed to applying the latest AI technology to the field of quantitative trading to improve trading efficiency and accuracy.

  • Promote the application of natural language processing (NLP) technology in the financial field: Use NLP technology to realize intelligent processing and analysis of large amounts of unstructured data such as financial information, news and social media, mine the value of information, and provide information for transaction decisions. A more comprehensive and accurate reference basis. At the same time, combined with technical means such as sentiment analysis, we can better capture market sentiment and predict market trends.
  • Application of deep learning in risk management and prediction: Use deep learning technology to build a more accurate and reliable risk management model to achieve timely identification and effective control of market risks. At the same time, combined with big data analysis and model prediction, we can make more accurate predictions of future market trends and provide scientific basis for investment decisions.
  • Carry out intelligent investment portfolio optimization: Use AI technology to intelligently manage and optimize investment portfolios to achieve effective allocation of funds and minimize risks. Through the dynamic adjustment and allocation of assets, the investment portfolio can maintain stable profitability under different market environments and achieve long-term stable investment returns.
  • Deep reinforcement learning technology: By building a deep reinforcement learning model, the intelligent trading system can realize independent learning and optimization, and continuously improve the adaptability and robustness of the trading strategy.

Walnut robot will be connected to more financial products and deepen its leading position in the field of quantitative trading.

Cryptocurrency market integration:

Walnut will further strengthen the integration of the cryptocurrency market and expand the robot’s trading coverage of mainstream digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. By optimizing trading strategies and strengthening risk control, Walnut will provide investors with more robust and high-yield digital asset investment solutions.

Access to traditional financial products:

In addition to cryptocurrency, Walnut will gradually integrate more traditional financial products, including stocks, futures, foreign exchange, etc., to provide investors with diversified investment options. The robot will use advanced quantitative analysis technology to implement intelligent transactions on different financial products, thereby optimizing the returns and risks of the investment portfolio.

Expanded global market coverage:

In the second and third quarters, Walnut will further expand its global market coverage, strengthen cooperation with international financial institutions, and explore emerging markets. By establishing more partnerships and expanding customer channels, Walnut will provide global investors with more convenient and efficient quantitative trading services.

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Walnut AI robot: sought after by many customers and institutions

In the financial market, Walnut AI robot has been unanimously recognized and sought after by customers and institutions for its excellent performance and professional services. Walnut AI robot has won a good reputation in the market, and many investors have obtained solid investment returns from it. Through word of mouth, these customers have made more investors aware of the advantages and value of Walnut AI robots, and thus choose to have their funds managed by it.

Well-known institutions such as Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan have also expressed strong interest in Walnut AI robots and regard it as a high-quality investment partner. Institutional investors value not only the robot’s intelligent trading strategies, but also its comprehensive risk management and strict compliance standards, all of which provide confidence and protection for institutional investors.

Walnut AI robot always adheres to customer interests as its core and has established close cooperative relationships with customers and institutions. Through close cooperation with investors and institutions, Walnut AI robots continue to improve its technology and services, create more investment opportunities and value for customers, and achieve a win-win situation for all three parties.

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